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Improve Employees' Health

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Unhealthy employees are hurting your business


High medical claim

Unhealthy employees spend 3x higher healthcare cost as compared to a healthy employee, resulting in higher insurance premium


Low productivity

Cost associated with presenteeism (physically being at work but not working) is up to 3x greater than direct healthcare cost



Unhealthy employees take 3x more sick leaves than a healthy employee, resulting in loss productivity


High stress

Employees under high stress spend 50% more healthcare cost and contributed to 40% job turnover

We partner with you to achieve

Better health for employees

HR teams have access to a suite of hybrid wellness solutions, both online & offline – we offer interactive digital tools and hands-on workshops to support your employees with their wellbeing goals. We continuously learn and respond with tailored content to their choices and interests.

Easy implementation

Free HR teams from tedious manual administrative tasks – we take care of the onboarding & training for all your employees. Now you can focus and spend more time with your employees.

Intelligent insights

Allow HR teams to clearly track company-wide health risks through a user-friendly dashboard embedded within our CRM software. We help HR to perform data analytics to inform the decisions to make a smart wellbeing strategy.

We have helped our clients to achieve*

Average weight loss

0.1 kg

Highest weight loss

0.1 kg

Programme Rating


Reduction in Systolic Blood Pressure

1 mmHg

Reduction in Triglyceride

0.01 mmol/L

* Programme lasted for 3 months

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For Employees

Professional E-consultation

Your employees can enjoy unlimited chat with our multi-disciplinary team of professional health experts including pharmacists, dietitians, fitness trainers, etc. The health experts understand local language and lifestyle, thereby able to relate to the constraints and challenges faced by your employees.

Disease Management Programme

Your employees can manage their health conditions and learn how to make small changes in their lifestyle through our e-learning modules anywhere anytime. We design the contents in an interactive and gamified experience for enhanced engagement and lasting impact.

Electronic Health Record

Your employees can keep track and monitor their progress by logging their health numbers or connecting their wearable tech (coming soon). They can also store their health reports for easy reference in the future.

Workshops & Seminars

Better sleep, mental health resilience, understanding chronic diseases, smoking cessation – all our courses and workshops are led by qualified, clinical experts. We can work with you to tailor a comprehensive need-based wellness programme for your employees.

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Health Risk Assessment

Your employees can find out their heart and diabetes risks instantly by answering a series of interactive questions related to nutrition and lifestyle. Based on the anonymous data, HR can know about the overall health risks of the company to inform and design wellbeing programmes.

Meal Assessment

Your employees can ‘snap & share’ their meals to be reviewed by a certified virtual dietitian. Based on the rating and feedback, we will help your employees improve their eating habits and nutritional value.

Health Check

We come to collect your employees’ blood sample or they can pop in to our panel clinic/lab. Combining the best of digital technology with blood analysis and automated interpretation to give your employees practical insights and recommendations they can act on.


Building on a network of over 24 partner merchants (and counting), we have curated a wide array of rewards to help your employees stay engaged and continue to commit to a healthy lifestyle.

For Human Resource

HR can make announcements to all your employees by broadcasting messages via in-app chat, by just one click. We offer more communication touch-points between HR and employees apart from email and telephone. 

(COMING SOON) With our dual-platform interface, HR can view aggregated and anonymous employee health data from computer or smartphone for maximum convenience and accessibility.

(COMING SOON) HR can have access to a user-friendly dashboard to get more insights on your employees’ health & wellbeing. The deeper your employees’ engagement, the richer the intelligence you receive on company-wide health risks.

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